The real cost of running a gas fireplace

Some residents have been asking what it costs to run a fireplace for an hour.

Well, here goes:

First, you need to be aware that natural gas is sold in gigajoules (GJ)

1 GJ = 947,817 BTU

The fireplaces are rated between 18000 and 22500 BTU/hr

Let’s say on average, they are 21000 BTU/hr. Here’s the math:

21,000 divided by 947,817 = 0.022156

Therefore, one hour of the fireplace burning = 0.022156 GJ

The cost of a GJ of natural gas in January 2010 is $14.00 after all costs

So, 0.022156 X $14.00 = $0.31 per hour

Now, if you run your fireplace 24 hours a day, that would be $7.44 per day. If you did that for the whole week, you’re up to $52.08

Now that you’ve got that math lesson over with, please do not run your gas when you are not at home or through the night.

Even running it just 8 hours a day costs $75.00 per month.

The monthly fee for gas fireplaces is going to rise, no question, but the end users have the ability to control that rise to a certain degree. We are also looking at various options, including a proposed shut off of gas supply to fireplaces beginning May 1 each year through October 31.

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